Created by Patricia Ackerman, Great Scout was founded to encourage a direct and dynamic collaboration between designers, storytellers and technophiles. We draw on our diversity to craft distinct brand experiences that are useful, provocative and beautiful.

Finding innovative ways of bringing user and brand to each other is what makes us tick. Technology may well be our passion, but the quality of a user’s experience is our first love. Our digital solutions serve the needs of our clients so intuitively that their users can’t help but love the technology too.

Patricia Ackerman
Patricia Ackerman
Creative Art Director, Part-time Lion Tamer + Aspiring Plant Geek

With 20 years in the digital design world, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative minds in the business. From large agencies to inventive startups and digital design shops, I have always tried to put myself where the action has been. From San Francisco to Chicago to New York and now Seattle, I have had amazing projects and clients both large and small. Some have broken the bounds of technology, while others have stretched my strategical brain past the point I thought was possible.

Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.

-Shaker Quote

I am a staunch defender of the user experience, a strategic brander and a designer’s designer. I believe that every great brand experience starts with a solid strategy that understands the user. Don’t get me wrong, I dork-out over beautiful design, but beauty without an engaged audience is just another pretty poster, no matter the platform.

I have worked with Maybelline, Mircrosoft, CSFB, Citi – Women & Co., Smith Barney, Lancome, Biore and a dozen more. I have won awards for advertising and design, which was mighty nice of them, and have done strategy and design for kiosks, games, advertising, e-commerce, tablets and handhelds… the list goes on.

Agencies large and small—Organic, Gotham, Dotglu and Razorfish—have used me as an independent consultant. I have also been on staff at Four Points Digital in Chicago, creative director at Agile Industries in New York and as well as Prodest in Rome, and more recently as creative director and partner at Gardner Nelson + Partners in New York.

The portfolio is extensive. Much of our more strategic work is confidential and cannot be shown online. But if you have a project, large or small, give us a shout: we would love to talk to you and walk you through our work.

Best, Patricia

Patricia lives in Seattle with her dog Olive.

What We Do

We geek out creating
fantastic websites…
and yes, that includes

Brand Strategy and Positioning
that makes an impact and
forges an emotional bond
with your target audience.

Visual identities that
communicate brand
values with distinction,
beauty and power.

Point-to-point navigation
through the digital depths,
creating products and services
that ensure buoyant futures
for our clients.